Episode 26: Santa Smells Like Farts

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Please be aware we talk about Santa in this episode.  We recommend that if your child is not aware of Santa reality that you DO NOT listen to this episode with them.  Also, Shout-out to Steven Watson and the Cracked Brain Podcast for your awesome message we got right before this episode.

James is working with the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City, when you buy a membership use the code JE1910 to get an extra month added to your membership! And watch the Lego Advent Calendar videos he’s posting on his YouTube site!

We discuss how Johnny and Tui have changed names on Facebook and why our mic guards smell bad.

And then we delve into the Santa talk and the Spirit of Santa by discussing our own experiences as children and what we’re doing with our own kids, including Elf (or Spiderman) on the Shelf.  The tradition of sitting on Santa’s Lap, and various other Christmas traditions, and the legend of Saint Nick, we come up with a new app “Kinder” for kid play-dates!

You can bring your family to the Watchtower Christmas Party on December 17th to meet with Deadpool Santa!

We’d love to hear your take on Santa and all about your Holiday Traditions!

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