Episode 27: 2016 Year in Review


We have a lot of outtakes from the beginning of the episode that we may eventually put into Patreon extra’s but you’ll just have to wait for that.

This week we talk about 2016, plans for 2017!   You’ll hear James use his terrible radio voice, in an attempt to be Orson Welles as our official bringer-inner.  Hear all about Hoth Chocolate, licking the cup at Watchtower, James starring in a Watchtower commercial, Johnny Lingo, and The Book of Mormon Movie.

Speaking of horrendous things, we talk about 2016, and how awful it actually was for all of us, after we talk about Weird Al and Hobo with a Shotgun, our wish for a live action Teen Titans, Go!, with J as Robin and an update from Tui on his rough couple of weeks being a dad, parental responsibility and drinking kids, and a little bit of rambling.

We talk about positive things that happened for us and the world as well as the not so great things that 2016 brought.  You can subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher or hit that fancy button below to listen now.