In this weeks episode we talk about how much we loved Logan and why it MIGHT be ok to take your kids to see it (KNOW YOUR KID).

We discover that Lilly is in fact X-23, Tui has been taken by the Spirit of Vegas, and that James is going to be constructing a brand spanking new Rocket costume for J.

GPP has a lot going on right now. Sarah and James were given Press Passes for Star Wars Celebration and we are raising money to help pay for James and J’s airfare.  Any amount you can donate helps us and we have some really amazing donor thank you’s to give away at different donation levels, including exclusive art created by Dr. Sarah and Geek Parenting Podcast mugs.  We are attempting to raise $800 to pay for round trip airfare for James and J.  You can donate directly via this link to our Go Fund Me or you can pick up mugs at Watchtower Cafe (we will probably also have some at Fan X 2017).


You can subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher or listen to the episode by click that lovely little button below.


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