Episode 56: School Prep

Join Dr. Sarah, James and Tui as they talk about getting kids ready for the end of summer and the start of school. How do you prepare your children for school? Game with us: *Johnny- Xbox One: Slappy McNuts Switch: SW-3840-0787-5402 *Dr. Sarah- PSN: luvslikepi, Xbox One – doctorofpeace *James- PSN: Esuperman15 Subscribe to us […]

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Happy Independence Day!

Be sure to catch us later this week at Salt Lake Gaming Con!! Friday – July 7th 1:00PM – Pick Up the Controller – James​, Johnny​, Mike​ and Sarah​. (Kids and Gaming) 300C 3:00PM – Everything PlayStation – James. 200A 5:00PM – It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone throws the Controller. Mike, Sarah, Johnny. […]

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