Happy Independence Day!


Be sure to catch us later this week at Salt Lake Gaming Con!!


Friday – July 7th

1:00PM – Pick Up the Controller – James​, Johnny​, Mike​ and Sarah​. (Kids and Gaming) 300C

3:00PM – Everything PlayStation – James. 200A

5:00PM – It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone throws the Controller. Mike, Sarah, Johnny. 300C

6:00PM – Up Up Down Down: Growing up Gaming. Sarah. 300C

6:00PM – Legend of Zelda BOTW – Johnny and Mike. 200A

Saturday – July 8th

5:00PM – So Say We All: Overcoming Harassment, Misogyny and Bulling in the Gaming Community. Sarah (moderated by our friend Amber Dahl). 300AB.

Visit the link for more info and please remember times and panels are subject to change.

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