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In case you might have missed it, we at Geek Parenting Podcast are dealing with a lot of things right now. We will be recording again on a regular basis when things are relatively back to normal.  But I (Dr. Sarah) want to make sure we keep you up to date on all the latest in Geek News.  So here we go.


Those of us who loved the NBC version of Constantine are in luck!  Matt Ryan will be joining the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow on The CW as a regular cast member !! You can see him in the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow in just a few weeks.


Black Panther has broken about 900 million records since it’s release including:

  1. Best Reviewed Live Action Super Hero Movie
  2. The Highest Grossing Solo Superhero Movie
  3. The Highest Grossing Movie of 2018
  4. The Highest Grossing Movie by a Black Director
  5. The Best Opening for a Non-White Director
  6. The Fifth Best Opening of ALL TIME.
  7. The Fifth Best Opening Overseas for a Marvel Movie
  8. The Best Pre-Summer Opening of All Time
  9. The Best Holiday Weekend Opening of All Time
  10. The Best Monday Gross of All Time
  11. The Best First Week for a Marvel Movie
  12. The Best Wide-Release Opening Per-Screen Average for a Superhero Movie
  13. The Best-Reviewed Movie of the Main Cast
  14. The Best Domestic Opening for a Predominantly Black Cast
  15. The Second-Best Second Weekend Gross
  16. The First Movie to Go Five Weeks at #1 This Decade
  17. The First Superhero Movie to Go Five Weeks at #1 in 40 years.

And it’s made over A BILLION DOLLARS. Here’s to hoping it takes the record and kills Avatar.


Chris Evans confirms he will bid farewell to the MCU after AVENGERS 4 reshoots.
I’ll just be over here in the corner crying.


And last but not least, the State of Utah is the first to pass a “Free-Range Parenting’ Law.” So use your best judgment and let those kids play.

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