Denver Pop Culture Con – Day 3 Recap

IMG_9008 (1)

I think there is only one way to accurately describe the final day of Denver Pop Culture Con.


Once again I got up early and went to the convention center to get some work done. I had no issue entering the building, getting to the media room, and writing yesterday’s recap. When I went to meet my Con companion and soon to be writer for Geek Parenting Productions, security stopped me and said I wasn’t allowed on the floor. Thank god Tara from the media team showed up and set things straight. In all honestly I could have just walked around the building to go back to the media entrance, but Jeanna was already in and Tara was there. Easy peasy. Back to the floor.

We walked around for a bit looking at art, talking to some artists (I ran into the lovely Dani Powers who will be at Salt Lake Gaming Con this year.)

But the final day was for one specific thing. Meeting more of the cast of Critical Role. Let’s be honest, this is really what this Con was all about for me this year. The impact of the show is limitless and I can’t wait to actually introduce Lilly to Dungeons and Dragons because of how I know it can impact kids.

First things first, in line for Travis’ autograph and a quick selfie. Boom.


Then to Marisha for her autograph on the dice box and me getting to tell her how much Lilly loves Beau. Bam.


Then I had an hour to wait for my photo-op with the entire cast. This is where the day get’s crazy. Sort of. We walked around the floor a bit before I made my way to Celebrity Summit again. Once there, we were lined up almost immediately. And of course shuffled through as quickly as possible.

I asked them to bless my dice.


Now, I’ve met my fair share of “famous” people. But I have to say I have never encountered a more humble, loving, empathetic group of people in my life. You just know they care deeply for each other and their fans.

After my encounter, I headed back to the beer garden for booze with Jeanna. And I ran into another friend (Cheesey, whom I know from Cheesewiz’s Twitch Channel) and got to give him a big hug.


After a few beers I headed back to Celebrity Summit for my last meet and greet with Sam. I asked him how he enjoyed his ski trip in Utah earlier this year and we talked about how much he loves to visit. (Maybe we can get him out for a con.)


But I inadvertently left my photo on his table, and didn’t realize it was gone until Tim from Epic Photo Ops emailed me. You can see in the picture above, exactly where I left it. Thank God, Tim still has it so I can get it from him this morning and some flight changes occurred so I stayed another night. But I was not very happy when I realized it was gone.

Jeanna and I were pretty beat by this afternoon so we opted to just chill out at the hotel lobby bar for the evening. I can’t even put into words exactly how this weekend has rejuvenated me and found faith again the Con world and fandom. Critters are some of the best people in the world and Denver Pop Culture Con did a fantastic job of bring us all  together to really enjoy the experience.

I’m already looking forward to covering the Con again next year to bring you all the hype and excitement from the floor, the panels, and the fans.

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