Choosing Your Word for 2020

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Written by: Sarah Hanisko – coposted on

2019 has gone by far too fast, with far too few of my goals coming to fruition regarding Another Mom Mess and Geek Parenting Podcast.  2020 will be the year of focus and refreshing my commitment to my new career position as an Instructional Designer as well as a blogger and podcaster.

Each year I like to take some time thinking of a word to base the new year on. 2019 was Abundance, and I was able to pay down a significant amount of debt and scored a new job that pays much better than any previous position I’ve held. In some senses, I’ve achieved quite a bit in terms of abundance. I was privileged enough to travel to Denver Pop Culture Con, where I was able to meet the cast of Critical Role, all of whom I admire greatly.  I was able to interview the talented Hannah Telle at Salt Lake Gaming Con, and made new long-lasting friends that I adore.

I still have a great deal of personal development and strengths to continue to grow.  As a result the theme for 2020 will be focus and refresh.  Focus on growing myself as a mother, instructional designer, podcaster, and blogger. Refreshing my commitment to each of those aspects of my life.  Focus on making sure I’m actually taking care of myself as well (Stay tuned for the continuation of the self-care challenge.)

Here’s your challenge for 2020.  Come up with a theme that you plan to embrace in the coming year. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of options available to you depending on what you think your biggest needs are.  You can access the Another Mom Mess Word of the Year checklist and planning guide by Click this Link.

Good luck! And comment below as to what you want your 2020 Word to be.