Panelist and Writer Stats


Dr. Sarah Hanisko (Ph.d. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Number of Kids: One
Fandoms: Disney (including Star Wars & Marvel,) Critical Role, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, a touch of DC, Dragon Age, Dungeons and Dragons.
Occupation: Instructional Designer
Parenting Philosophy: Nap early and often.
Favorite Video Game: Dragon Age series
Favorite Superhero: Captain America
Occupation: Instructional Designer




Name: Johnny on the Boards
Number of Kids: Four
Fandoms: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Nintendo.
Occupation: Library Receiving Clerk
Parenting Philosophy: If I have to come in there, you’re going to be sorry.




Name: Kati Trottier
Number of Kids: None!
Fandoms: So many. Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Star Trek, Doctor Who, The good DC stuff, Firefly
Occupation: Instructional Designer
Parenting Philosophy: Birth control
Favorite Video Game: Myst  and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Favorite Superhero: Captain America!!!




Tui the Human
Number of Kids: 5
Fandoms: Star Wars, 80s Cartoons, Superheroes, anything with Time Travel, Sci-Fi, Action Figures, Lego, and Keanu Reeves
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Co-Owner Watchtower Coffee & Comics
Parenting Philosophy: “Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever” -Charles Xavier
Favorite Video Game: Arkham Asylum/ Arkham City
Favorite Superhero: Aquaman


18447085_10213069649679865_9146419468489091173_nName: Amber Dahl
Number of Kids: 4
Fandoms: Disney, Back To The Future, Indiana Jones,  Nintendo, Harry Potter, everything 80’s, Marvel, Star Wars
Occupation: Account Manager for FanX, Art Director and set dresser for film/tv, paper artist
Parenting Philosophy: At least I have my pants on.
Favorite Video Game: Link between Worlds, Mario
Favorite Superhero: Thor, Hulk, Batman



Name: Jocelyn Christensen
Number of Kids:  2
Fandoms:  Marvel, Doctor Who, Daredevil comics, Sherlock
Occupation: Mom. Director of nursing for a nonprofit homecare and hospice agency.
Parenting Philosophy:  Are they fed, watered, rested and alive? Parenting win.
Favorite Video Game: I love Beat Saber on my Oculus quest, Mario Kart with my kids on occasion.
Favorite Superhero: Captain Marvel



Sheena VanCott
Number of Kids: 3
Fandoms: Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman, Lego, Star Wars
Occupation: Camera operator at Fox13, writer
Parenting Philosophy: Don’t be a dick. One parenting philosophy that I live by is that we are all geeky about something; it just falls in to different categories. It all falls under passion, and I am the type of mother that likes to encourage my children to follow those passions and to nurture them. We all have the right to be creative in our own ways.
Favorite Video Game: Zelda and Fallout
Favorite Superhero: Batman